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Mountain Earth Works, LLC pond digging and filling

Mountain Earth Works, LLC pond digging and filling

Building a Backyard Pond

Ponds can be built for many reasons. Our clients all have different goals, and working with such a variety of options keeps us on our toes! Active locally for many years, when it comes to pond excavation we can do it all—from design, to pond construction, to hauling earth and debris away from you. Every member of the Mountain Earth Works, LLC team is invested in the work they do. Therefore, they are fully licensed and bonded, and keep themselves updated on all the latest in the excavation industry. From techniques to tools to trends, if it’s out there, we know about it and will use it to provide even better service to our clients!

Full-Service From Start to Finish

The Mountain Earth Works, LLC team is like a family, and we treat our clients like an extension of that! Focused on the highest quality of customer service and workmanship from start to end is our goal on every job.

Pond construction may seem like all you need to do is dig a hole, but that’s not the case. There are multiple assessments to be done on any project to test soil and see what can realistically be built on your property. Not to mention, knowing where utilities are. And, zoning and permits? We know which you need and where to sign! Simplify your pond construction. Work with Mountain Earth Works, LLC .

Excavation for Any Pond

How many different kinds of ponds are there? As many as the imagination can come up with. Shallow or deep, dirt bottom or poured cement, minimal or wild—just like our clients—their ponds are unique to their personal style.

  • Fish ponds
  • Natural/wildlife ponds
  • Livestock watering ponds
  • Runoff retention ponds

Building a Pond

When we say that digging a pond isn’t just about digging a pond, we’re telling the truth. There are three considerations we go through during every build process.


Your first assessment is free! That’s when we’ll meet and figure out your basic pond needs. But the first day on the job starts with a soil assessment.

Are you Ready to Build Your Pond?

When you’re ready to get serious about building your very own custom pond, you know who to call. Active in the local industry for many years, educated, creative, and efficient when it comes to cost and time, at Mountain Earth Works, LLC we aim for 100% customer satisfaction by the end of the job. So, give us a call today to set up your free estimate for services!